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Sinking Atlantis - Spirituality Meets the Real World, by Julia Day

Sinking Atlantis - Spirituality Meets the Real World, by Julia Day
"Nowt to do with Atlantis..the diary of 6 months in the hectic life of a modern Pagan, publisher & housewife...very funny....loaded with common sense and down to earth wisdom" The Cauldron
"Intentional or otherwise, Julia gives a light-hearted jab to those countless "self-help" books that, if we had time to read them, might provide an answer but only when it was too late to deal with the problem - the moment having passed. This is a healthy, common sense book, rich in colour and experience that does not preach but just tells it as it is. A charming book, delightfully illustrated. It is a book that makes one feel that the author is a friend and confidant." Michael Hoadley
Is it possible to save the planet, reach enlightenment, merge with the Higher Self, write books, run a publishing business, feed the children, water the plants and still have the washing up and dusting completed before the world order changes for ever? Who needs tidal waves, earthquakes, food scares and genetic changes to worry about when the washing machine is playing up again, the mice are in the chicken bin, the bathroom is full of spiders and your guide refuses to join in the ?Meet Your Guide? tapes which you are listening to? You are told it will all flow as it should when you follow the path of your Highest Good, but no-one bothers to tell you what that is! Or, they all tell you and not only do they disagree, but much of it is downright dangerous and impossible! Stay calm and still and centred they say. HOW?! The author would like to point out that almost everything in this diary is true. That is what makes it unbelievable and so very funny. Illustrated by Lin Bourne. ISBN 1 86163 099 9
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