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Seeking Spirit - A Quest Through Druidry, by Sandra Parsons

Seeking Spirit - A Quest Through Druidry, by Sandra Parsons
by Sandra Parsons
'packed with the wisdom gained from many years of spiritual practice...this is one book I will return to again and again' Touchstone. This book is an expression of a Druid's Path told in autobiographical form and is about ideas. There are many ways of drawing the cycle of the year, and although the author feels the elements are best drawn across the cross formed by the Fire Festivals, she has opted to appoint the quadrants to the cross formed by the Solar Festivals which gives a better balance of light in the form of sunrises and sunsets across the Elements. Sandra has included mind exercises and examples of practical experiences of working with the elements but readily concedes that in assigning specific thought forms or in forming an opinion:- ?I may be in the minority of one. What I have found to be valid for me does not make it so for anyone else; there are as many Paths as there are people.? These pages will serve you well on your own Journey. ISBN 186163 1251
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