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Secret Signs, Symbols & Sigils, by Nigel Pennick

Secret Signs, Symbols & Sigils, by Nigel Pennick
"An excellent source book...Clearly illustrated too!" Wiccan Rede
Our ancestors developed symbolic languages and alphabets that reflected in an inner way the outer phenomena of existence. Traditionally, the symbolic and the mythical are integrated with the activities of everyday life: there is no division between the physical necessities of existence and the deeper levels of the symbolic world. This work is a Druidic exploration of the ramifications of our human symbolic understanding of the world, from the perspective of Celtic civilisation, describing the symbolic structures upon which the more familiar signs, symbols and sigils of western spirituality are based. According to ancient Druidic ethics, the three principle endeavours are to learn and collect knowledge; to teach them; to make peace and to put an end to all injury. To carry out the third endeavour is the objective of the previous two. This book is offered to the reader in this spirit, ?For to do contrary to these things is not usual or becoming to a bard?. ISBN 1898307 553
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