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Secret Places of the Goddess by Philip Heselton

Secret Places of the Goddess by Philip Heselton
"..encourages his readers to get their boots muddy...Highly recommended" The Cauldron
A practical and evocative encouragement to seek the Earth Spirit in those special places where it dwells, embracing a wide definition of all those inner yearnings towards a closer contact with the land. It will appeal to all who are drawn to visit such natural and archetypal locations in the landscape as tree groves, sacred springs, the seashore and the Wild Wood. All these are Secret Places of the Goddess. It shows why certain locations have been considered numinous and magical and how we can each go about finding these special places in the landscape and provides a vision of the variety of ways in which we might respond to the spirit present at such sites and thereby enter into a closer relationship with the Old Ones. ISBN 1898307 40 7
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