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Sacred Dorset - On the Path of the Dragon, by Peter Knight

Sacred Dorset - On the Path of the Dragon, by Peter Knight
by Peter Knight
"Archaeology sits happily alongside information obtained by interesting read. There?s something in it for really is a must" Fatea "comprehensive guide...Most impressive, obviously an ideal guide for planning a day out...a relaxed but informative read" Daily Echo Dorset "richly illustrated...a comprehensive guide" Prediction
Peter Knight guides the reader through Dorset?s spiritual heritage, from prehistory to Celtic, Roman and Christian times. Using examples from Dorset and elsewhere we are taken on a tour of the sacred landscape, folklore, ancient sites and sacred symbology. The book encompasses: The folklore of ancient sites, Prehistoric Pagan and Christian symbology, Discerning the Earth Goddess landscape, The astronomy of local ancient sites, Perceiving sacred Trees and Nature, New Dorset ley lines and the shamanic link, Sacred wells and springs, Awaken the dragon within - towards new perceptions ISBN 186163 058 1
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