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Runic Astrology, by Nigel Pennick

Runic Astrology, by Nigel Pennick
Specialisation and new technology have led us to become fragmented in our perception, seeing the parts and not the whole. We are alienated from the natural time cycles of the seasons and the stars and have lost track of our place in the universe. Runic Astrology sets out to remedy this malaise. The Runes are ancient, based in nature, related to archetypal forces and to the natural cycles once followed by our pagan ancestors and celebrated in such festivals as Beltane and Samhain; festivals still preserved in part, in the Church calender. Nigel is a persuasive advocate of a new way of approaching the modern world. He discusses the place of the runes in the Northern Tradition, looking at its attitude to destiny and free will and relating its cosmology to modern physics. The author discusses the origins of the runes as well as the esoteric numerological significance of traditional divisions of time, space and money. The significance of the planets and fixed stars in the Northern Tradition is described and the runic birthchart explored. Runic cycles, biorythms, weather cycles, even stock market cycles, all are discussed and contribute to the unique character of the book.
ISBN 1898307 45 8
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