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Rune Rede, Wisdom and Magic for the Life Journey, by Ruarik Grimnisson

Rune Rede, Wisdom and Magic for the Life Journey, by Ruarik Grimnisson
This book has been written in answer to the increased demand for 'traditional' Rune Lore. It is the product of 10 years of research and practical experimentation. This book incorporates the essentials that are common to those cultures where Runes were used, and remains true to their Heathen origins. The ways of Rune working have evolved over centuries but the essential symbolism, as a key to understanding the profound mysteries of existence, is just as relevant today, as it was to our ancestors. The Runic 'alphabets' were not just a system of writing for the Germanic peoples - they were a Life-Code. Encrypted in their numerical ordering and individual symbolism is a guide to the life journey of the soul - a holistic approach for the individual and collective folk to survive and thrive in the worlds of nature, mankind and the spiritual realms. Their magick arose from the understanding of the inseparability of all phenomena - what our ancestors called the Wyrd. This book presents an integrated collection of basic Rune Lore in the manner the author believes it was meant to be given - as a counsel for the soul's life journey. The Old English word for counsel is "Red"- Rede, hence the title of this book. The author has used the collective system of the twenty four rune staves known as the "Elder Futhark", they being the oldest complete runic system yet found. This book contains the codes that will make the way clear. It has been designed as a 'ready reference', not only for all who wish to explore the patterns of Wyrd, but for those who seek essential reference to the power of the Runes, manifested and un-manifested. For those who are seeking insight into the psychological world of our pre-industrial ancestors, this book will reveal to you their basic attitudes and expectations. The ancestral mythology interwoven with each rune-rede is presented for your own contemplation. Study of the knowledge herein seen through the lens of heathen understanding will reveal an alternative map of reality that will aid you on your life journey. For the student of the Occult, it will serve as a stimulation for deeper mystical studies. ISBN 186163 126X
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