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Robin Hood - On the Outlaw Trail Again, by Richard Rutherford-Moore

Robin Hood - On the Outlaw Trail Again, by Richard Rutherford-Moore
by Richard Rutherford-Moore
Robin Hood - On The Outlaw Trail Again Richard Rutherford-Moore In the final book of his Robin Hood trilogy, the author takes the reader back ‘on the outlaw trail’ from Sherwood Forest to the North of England, visiting many popular sites and several less well-known spots associated with Robin Hood, explaining the heritage and background of many of the best known myths and legends surrounding the life and death of the world-famous English medieval outlaw. 'Richard is a lighthouse in the deep mist enclosing the full Robin Hood story; with his practical skills and combined research knowledge that author has established himself as the leading guide for outlaw fans' The Worldwide Robin Hood Society 'An outstanding piece of journalism, I feel a lot closer to a real Robin Hood after reading this book' Living History USA 'Robin Hood may have been The Prince of Thieves, but 'Blacke Dickon' is King of Hearts; an enthusiastic yet an uncomplicated essay on England’s most popular folk-hero from a woodsman and librarian combined. I look forward to reading his next work.' CPHS (UK) ISBN 186163 2355
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