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Reality - How it works and Why it Mostly Doesn't, by Rik Dent

Reality - How it works and Why it Mostly Doesn't, by Rik Dent
by Rik Dent
“This entertaining and beguiling book systematically destructures our notion of what seems absolutely real and anvil-solid in life, and concludes that we live in a mentalistic world, where potentially anything can be changed” - Dr. Keith Hearne, TV Psychologist, author of The Dream Machine, Visions of the Future and co-author of Dream Interpretation - The Secret. “...humourous, interesting, thought provoking - buy it!” Prediction This original, often quirky, yet immensely readable book, challenges the reader in a practical way to look beyond mundane reality, explaining how our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, desires and expectations shape the reality we perceive. By helping to expand our perceptions of who, and what we really are in the wider perspective, the author shows how we have the inherent potential and ability to consciously create our own reality. Humourously written in a unique style, this book truly has the potential to change our perceptions of reality. ISBN 1 86163 018 2
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