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Psychic Self Defense - Real Solutions, by Jan Brodie

Psychic Self Defense - Real Solutions, by Jan Brodie
by Jan Brodie
"very readable, sensible...clear and reassuring...recommended" Pagan Dawn.
How to recognise a psychic attack & how to handle it. This book concentrates on a commonsense approach to problems including interviews describing how people have dealt with attacks. Practical information, based on real experiences, is given on a range of protective & self development measures:- Summoning a guardian. Coping with psychic attack during magical or circle work, Banishing 'evil' influences, Holding your own in the Otherworlds/Astral levels. Protective amulets & talismans, Strengthening the aura, Avoiding the pitfalls on the occult path, Increasing self-confidence in magical work & visualisation, Psychic attack - What it is & What it is not, Elemental Spirits of Nature, Guardian Spirits, the Aura, the Astral Levels, the Psychic Vampire, the Realm of Faerie, Ghosts, Psychic Attack Through Willpower & the Evil Eye. ISBN 1898307 36 9
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