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Ogham - Wisdom of the Trees, by Jon Dathen

Ogham - Wisdom of the Trees, by Jon Dathen
A rich exploration of Ogham with a great personal feel. The author has been fascinated by Ogham from an early age and determined to discover whether the system's intimate links with nature and the seasons was a vital part of Britain's rich indigenous spiritual heritage. He came across an old countryman who was well versed in the native mysteries, but had never heard of Ogham. When it was explained as a tree alphabet that formed a seasonal cycle, he exclaimed "I''ve not heard of your ogham, but I do know the order of the trees and the birds". He did too, and his 'order' of the trees matched Roberts Graves' reconstruction set out in The White Goddess; except that muin, the vine became the blackberry, ngetal the reed, became wheat straw, and ailm the silver fir, became the scots pine. He had no knowledge of any Celtic language, or clue that the trees had the slightest link with any alphabet, but he did know the folklore and symbolism of each one, and how to divine the future with wands cut from them. It's his knowledge of the trees, birds and divination that is passed through the pages of this book. ISBN 186163 1677
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