This Cunning Craft – a review of ‘A Witch’s Mirror’

Whether you follow something called Traditional Witchcraft, or prefer a style of Craft more accurately described as Wicca A Witch’s Mirror by Levannah Morgan is a profoundly inspiring book. This slim volume documents the practical witchcraft of one of the most intellectually rigorous and experienced magickal practitioners I know. This book is at once grimoire, a Still room book and autobiographical account of magick in action. There are sections devoted to the arts of making spirit houses, moon, sea and mirror magick, and many crafts that the skilful witch (or whatever variety) should be familiar with. There’s lots to do here – DIY tips that don’t cost the earth and indeed reverence it (or better, ‘Her’) in a gently yet passionately heart-felt way.

Levannah gives us something of her back story, her youth in the wild places of the British Isles and while she avoids any mention of her academic credentials, she does talk about her teacher Hereward Wake, one of the early Gardnerians. But Traditional Crafters shouldn’t switch off at this point by any means. Though this is Levannah’s lineage this book is worlds away from the formalised seasonal celebrations of the Farrar’s and their literary inheritors. Spellcraft in all its forms is very much in evidence, this is very much an operative witchcraft. Her other major teacher was Cecil Williamson, the founder of the original Museum of Witchcraft.

This book also serves, in my view, to dissolve the apparent divides in the witch-identifying community. The deeply animist or panpsychic approach of A Witch’s Mirror shows how much witchcraft is about an attitude to the world. It demonstrates that stylistic details – of whether one chooses to celebrate eight or nine seasonal festivals, to spell coven in the usual way or to opt for the more obscure ‘cuveen’ – are quite superficial matters. Levannah tells us of her craft, and invites us to get involved, with clear instructions and an open-ended approach that allows us to discover our own individual creativity. We’re not being told what to do here, or even what is supposedly the best (or oldest, or most innovative) way to undertake this or that practice, instead we’re encountering the wisdom and generous spirit of a skilled practitioner and knowledgeable teacher.

This book manages to be both a beginners text and a book which I firmly believe will also inform and inspire the experienced. More than that it manages to carry the heavy, mysterious scent of witchcraft within it without kowtowing to that modern habit of binding esoteric tomes in bat vellum.

An extraordinary text that is both a source book for jam-making and a guide to the spirit realm, A Witch’s Mirror will be a valuable addition to any magical library.

Review from The Blog of Baphomet run by Julian Vayne

Sky Crash Throughout Time - A Continued Investigation Into The Rendlesham UFO Crash is now available. Detailed information on this major case invloving government cover-ups on a major scale. Written by Brenda Butler, the original investigator into the case, and Philip Kinsella.

Jan McDonald's 'Crone Moon - Reaching Out to the Wise One Within' is now in stock. Jan's writing will be known by many of our customers from her excellent 'Cottage Witchcraft' and 'Mary Magdalene Lost Gospel, Lost Goddess'

Up and Down the Tree - Exploring the Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil by Runic John is now available. Anyone who has enjoyed his first book, Book of Seidr, will welcome this excellent new title. It is a bigger format than many of our books and still came to a very packed 450+ pages. Orders can be placed now for immediate despatch as soon as the books arrive. £16.95

Intimations of Angels by Natasha Hoffman is now in stock, detailing real angel experiences. £10.95

A Witch's Mirror - The Art of Making Magic by Levannah Morgan is now available presenting practical, experienced, very real earth magic and craft. It has had excellent reviews from Pagan Dawn, The Cauldron and a number of other magazines and web sites£9.95

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New titles now available

A Witch's Mirror - The Art of Crafting Magic by Levannah Morgan

The God Tree by Janis Fry

We Are All Born Mediums by Lee and Deborah Rees

Angelic Candle Magic by Michael Howard

Wood Wisdom by Catherine H. Watling

Genuine Witchcraft Is Explained - The Secret History of The Royal Windsor Coven and the Regency' by John of Monmouth, Leader of The Regency - All those interested in Tubal Cain, previously unpublished Robert Cochrane papers, The Royal Windsor Coven and The Regency will find this book fascinating.

Spirit Knife, Soul Bone by Crow Swimsaway PhD - Shamanic Healing

Anecdotal Evidence by Crow Swimsaway PhD - Highly readable story of the life and experiences of an internationally noted shamanic practitioner, teacher and author. Includes experiences and insights into many cultures which makes the book a truly enjoyable and fascinating read. Shaman, raconteur and chef are among the attributes of this fascinating author.

A Medium's Tale by Jenny Martin - the life and experiences of a renowned medium

Gift by Elizabeth Francis £12.95

Through Our Eyes - The Spirit of Joseph Merrick - The Elephant Man - Lives On by Roger Darrock, Jonathan Barker, Stephen Howe and Corinne Goudifa

The Crystal Workbook by Ali Maq Peregrine £9.95.

Labelled A Witch - Trusting My Psyche Saved Me From Breast Cancer by Lyn Cherise

The Essential Guide To Psychic Self Defence by Tylluan Penry £15.95

Invisible Fire: Inner Dimensions of Western Gnostic & Theurgic Tradition'by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

One Coven's Way by Amerghin - see the Witchcraft & Wicca category

A Circle of the Ancestors by Crow Swimsaway - see the Shamanism category £11.95

Somerset Faeries and Pixies - Exploring Their Hidden World by Jon Dathen. Real experiences related by the people they happened to and their families in interviews with Jon Dathen £9.95

The Magical Properties of Plants - And How To Find Them by Tylluan Penry - see Herbs category - available now. Launched at Witchfest International, this book had a tremendous response from visitors, especially those attending Tylluan's talk which was so popular that the stewards had to turn people away - there wasn't even standing room. It was the most successful launch at a conference since we started in 1993

Interviews with two of our authors, Chris Thomas and Philip Kinsella, have just been held with a web radio - links are as follows:


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Secret of the Ages - The Discovery of the Holy Grail by Claire Nahmad and Margaret Bailey - see Grail Category

Believe - A Ground-Breaking Theory Which Bridges the Gap Between the Psychic and UFO Phenomena by Philip Kinsella

Project Human Extinction - The Ultimate Conspiracy by Chris Thomas with Dave Morgan

Dreamtime by Linda Louisa Dell- very far more than a dream dictionary!

Walking te Tides by Nigel Pearson £15.95
The Mystical & Magical World of Faerie by Ralph Harvey £12.95
Aphrodisiacs - Aphrodite's Secrets - Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction, and a History and A-Z of Aphrodisiacs by Linda Louisa Dell
Seeking the Green by Tylluan Penry £12.95
The Wizard’s Way To Wealth - With Benefit To All and Harm To None by Ian Edwards £9.95
Celts: Masters of Fire - The Evolution of Weapons and the Celtic Nations by Marian Pearce Ill. by Poppy Palin £9.95
Shamanic Links - A comprehensive Foundation Foir Modern Shamanic Practice by Adam Bear £17.95
Treading the Mill - Practical CraftWorking in Modern Traditional Witchcraft by Nigel Pearson - an excellent practical work. £13.95
Greenways - A Witch’s Diary of Festivals and Changes by Carolynn Clare Townsend £7.95
Lyblác Anglo Saxon Witchcraft by Wulfeage, with foreword by Raymond Buckland. A somewhat overlooked tradition and its associations with our English occult and heathen past. Practical and enlightening.
Reaching For the Divine - How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side by Philip Kinsella £10.95
Heathen Paths - Viking and Anglo Saxon Beliefs by Pete Jennings - a detailed excellently researched and inspired book on Norse and Anglo Saxon tradition Paganism £14.95
Nature’s Children - Celebrating The Seasons in a Pagan Family by Rachel Mayatt £7.95
The Human Soul by Chris Thomas £12.95 The latest in the Journey Home series

Company of Heaven by Jan McDonald £9.95. An excellent book on working with angels.

'Celebrating Nature' by Gordon McLellan. It's been a long wait for this one, but well worthwhile. Gordon's brilliant style and boundless enthusiasm and creativity shine from the pages. £14.95

Spirit of the Runes - Introducing Ken Sticks, A Brand New form of Divination, by Susan M. Phillips (author of 'A Book of Dowsing & Divining' and 'Healing Stones' and co-author of 'Pagan Feasts'. £10.95
"When I'm Sixty-Four" - 1001 Things To Do At 60+ by Chris Foote Wood £9.95

Witchcraft, Magic, Myth and Mystery and... Not Forgetting Fairies by Ralph Harvey £14.95
The Witching Path by Moira Stirland £10.95
Paganism For Teenagers by Jess Wynne £7.95
Understanding Spirit Guides by Dilys Gater £8.95
The Seer's Guide to Crystal and Gem Divination by Gale Hallaran £11.95
Healing the Heart of Addiction, 1861632681 £11.95
Teach Yourself The Psychology & Astrology of Human Relationships, Mavis Klein, 1861632835 £13.95
Celtic Tree Ogham by Mark Graham & Heather Buchan £13.95
The Magic & Mystery of Trees by Teresa Moorey £9.95
Women of Power by Jaq D Hawkins £9.95
The Witches Heart by Elaine Smith £11.95
Mary Magdalene, Lost Goddess, Lost Gospels by Jan McDonald £10.95
Numerology by Elen Sentier £9.95
Somerset Cider Cider Folklore and Customs by Jon Dathen £8.95
Understanding Flower Spirits by Paul Gater £8.95
Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft by Liz Pilley £8.95
Yoga and Pregnancy by Zaira Ghezzi £10.95
Pulling Myselves Together by Dilys Gater £7.95 - see the healing page for a full description
Understanding Star Children by Dilys Gater £9.95
Conversations With the Genius Loci by Barry Paterson £13.95
'The Universal Soul' by Chris Thomas £12.95
Sun, Moon and Stars by Sheena McGrath £12.95
'Maria Callas and I, - Sound Healing - Living A Duet For Mankind' by Helena Hawley £15.95


Intimations of Angels - Experiences With Angels and Other Spirits by Natasha Hoffman
Angelic Candle Magic by Michael Howard
Tarot Dreams and Meditations by Xanna Chown ISBN 1861632983. Xanna writes a tarot column for Prediction magazine and her book takes an experienced, fresh approach to tarot.

Inner Brilliance - A Guide to Crystal Healing by Gale Hallaran ISBN 186163 2908

Levannah Morgan, known to many in the witchy world especially in the SouthWest has agreed to write a book on Devon Witchcraft - practical and inspired

Crone Moon by Jan McDonald

Queen of Ice and Fire by Jack Gale - a brilliant book about the goddess Holda - Jack is rebuilding following a hard disc crash and we will get this book out as soon as the complete manuscript arrives!

The Book of Advanced Seidr by Runic John - John is still working on the book and we'll let you know as soon as we have more news.

The Megalithic Anorak by Sue Craig

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