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Mysteries of the Runes, by Michael Howard

Mysteries of the Runes, by Michael Howard
A full investigation into rune origins, symbolism & use, traced from Neolithic & Bronze Age symbols & their connection with other magical & mystical symbols. Runic divination by Germanic tribes, Saxons and Vikings are also covered. Odin is discussed, as the shaman-god of the runes, with his myths & legends, the Wild Hunt, and the Valkyries. Magical uses of runes are explored with their use in divination. Fascinating information is included on discoveries made in archaeological excavations, rune masters & mistresses, the bog sacrifices of Scandinavia & rune master training. Runic symbolism is detailed together with descriptions of each of the eight runes of Freya?s, Haegl?s & Tyr?s Aetts with divinity, religious symbolism & spiritual meanings based on The Anglo Saxon Rune Poem. How to make your own set of runes, how to cast them for divination with suggested layouts & the use of rune magic. Also covers the gods & goddesses of the Aesir & Vanir, their myths & legends & the seasonal cycle of Northern Tradition festivals. Other topics covered include Hyperborea & the ?Atlantis of the North?, duality in Indo-European religion, the Web of Wyrd & the Norns, Saxon/Norse paganism & traditional witchcraft. ISBN 189830 707 5
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