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My Inner Life, the Animals and the Angels, by Helena Hawley

My Inner Life, the Animals and the Angels, by Helena Hawley
Helena opens a magical door into the animal kingdom in the spirit world, taking us on a magical journey dolphins, angels, fairies, mermaids and extraterrestrials. As you share her experiences, they will give you a heightened awareness and clarity, enriching your life with new appreciation and understanding. Helena?s early channellings from the animals, trees, crystals, angels, fairies, mermaids and other life-forms all played their part in her own healing. The simple nature of their descriptions in her first book makes them easy for the reader to follow and this simplicity is still present in Book Two, but she has become more daring with the nature of the things that she is willing to share. The animals (in spirit form) came first, introduced themselves to an astonished Helena as the Council of Animals and told her that as she had almost got over her fear of people, she was nearly ready to work with them. This unexpected acceptance from them touched and opened her heart. Her gift to them is sharing these experiences with the world. You will find more about The Council of Animals in this book. Full colour plates. Helena?s inspired watercolours bring the energies of the animals directly to the reader. ISBN 186163 121 9
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