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Medium Rare - Reminiscences of a Clairvoyant, by Muriel Renard

Medium Rare - Reminiscences of a Clairvoyant, by Muriel Renard
In a down-to-earth-manner, Muriel describes her life as a medium. True and chilling ghost stories feature with heart-warming tales of loved ones who have passed on. Psychic subjects are covered such as Clairvoyance, Astral Travelling, Magic, Exorcism, Reincarnation, Regression, Spiritual Healing, Apparitions, Materialisations, Life in the Next World, Extra Terrestrials etc., all discussed from the author’s experience. A wide range of emotive subjects are touched upon, including loneliness, depression and the search for love. Muriel’s telephone rings at all times, even in the middle of the night and we are given some of the questions she has been asked. “Where are my keys? I have lost them. YOU should know!” “Help me... I want to end it all...” “Tell me quickly... who is the father of the baby I am expecting?” The reader will shiver with apprehension one minute and laugh the next and should be left feeling uplifted and hopeful. ISBN 1861630271
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