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Mary Magdalene: Lost Goddess, Lost Gospels, by Jan McDonald

Mary Magdalene: Lost Goddess, Lost Gospels, by Jan McDonald
Repentant sinner to Saint: Who is the real Magdalene and why was her gospel denied by the orthodox church? What is her true status? This book traces the true identity of The Magdalene from the hidden clues that abound in the canonical gospels and Paul’s letters. Contents include: What is happening globally to make this so important at this time, two thousand years after the event?; The Magdalene and the Holy Grail. Connections between Arthurian legend and Mary Magdalene exist on several levels, including the origin of the name Camelot; The Magdalene Trail. From the day she landed in Provence, Mary Magdalene became beloved of the people of the Languedoc area. Later, churches, cathedrals and shrines were built all over France; Christ and the Magdalene as the Sacrificed Bridegroom and the Bride, God/Goddess, Masculine/Feminine Divine in balance. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Lost Gospel of a Lost Goddess. From an early translation and commentary we can see the real message and the teachings that show the way for the soul’s ascension. More Lost Gospels. Gospel of Phillip. Gospel of Thomas, looking at further documentary evidence written by Christ’s closest companions as to the true status of Mary. Why Mary Magdalene is so important now in this New Age. The return of the Goddess to her rightful place in Christianity. Jan has traced the Magdalene’s footsteps through France and visited her hidden shrines and disguised places of worship and has tried to bring those lost gospels into today’s perspective. This is the time of the Age of Aquarius when male and female will find balance in us and in the divine and true healing will be brought about at the core of our souls. Join Jan on the journey to the Goddess of Christianity, to The Magdalene in this highly readable, enjoyable and informative book. ISBN 186163 2525
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