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Maria Callas and I - On a Sound Healing Adventure, by Helena Hawley

Maria Callas and I - On a Sound Healing Adventure, by Helena Hawley
Sound healer Helena Hawley records here her experiences of sound and other types of healing that she sought to help herself remove blocks from her own progress. The most potent element in all these she found to be love and healing intent. Helena helps clients with intuitive vocal sound healing, aided by previous singer Maria Callas, as well as sometimes receiving advice and support from former contralto Kathleen Ferrier and other evolved discarnate healers.This book will be of special interest to those who have experienced healing with sound or wish to develop their own abilities in this area. “A few Words from Helena”. Having told the story of how the spirit of Maria Callas came into my life and how she slowly and patiently led me into the world of intuitive vocal sound healing, I thought my work was done. Then I realised that what I had shared in the first book took the story as far as the beginning of it. I could almost have called this second book, “What Happened Next”. In it, I share with the reader how I continued to develop the necessary healing skills, as well as all that I learnt on this pathway, including the feedback and case histories that are so essential for almost any budding healer in my view. It has been, and still is, the clients who help me improve and refine my skills, including that of listening and trusting my inner guidance and spirit helpers like Maria. Therefore I have included some of the case histories, which have encouraged me and kept me going. I never reach the end of learning. Life would lose its fascination for me if I did. However, it is my wish that those who read this book will find it a helpful, informative and honest personal account. It is lovingly dedicated to Maria.
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