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Magical Incenses and Oils, by Anna Franklin

Magical Incenses and Oils, by Anna Franklin
Incense; perfumes burned to release fragrant smoke, has been used all over the world from ancient times to the present day. Rising smoke has always been associated with prayer rising to the Gods, whether from the domestic hearth, the Pagan altar, the Druid?s needfire or the Catholic church?s incense burner. Incenses affect our emotions, subtly induce moods and, on a more profound level, can be used to change the vibration of the atmosphere to the level needed for magical working or healing. This book shows you how to make magical incenses and oils, how to choose suitable ingredients and how to use those incenses and oils to the best effect. Anna Franklin is the co-author of the widely acclaimed ?Herbcraft - Shamanic and Ritual Use of Herbs?, and several other titles in this field. ISBN 186163 108 1
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