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Magic For the Next Thousand Years, by Jack Gale

Magic For the Next Thousand Years, by Jack Gale
Jack Gale, accomplished speaker and author, demonstrates magic's relevance to contemporary living in the 21st Century. He explores magical techniques in a new century, the purposes behind them and the sort of results they may yield, drawing on his own experiences, and those of magical colleagues, to thread a pathway through the labyrinth world of different magical approaches and systems. Magic is not for everyone; it is an adventurous path to follow, fraught with potential pitfalls. Part of the purpose of this book is to inform the would-be practitioner of the potential dangers which may be encountered and to discuss appropriate safeguards. Despite glamourous notions attached to it, magic is also, at times, very had work requiring single-minded application. It possesses life-changing potential and can be stimulating, rewarding and enriching. With a magical approach, whatever life may hold for you, it is unlikely to be boring! Jack’s individual and very readable style shines through the whole book making it both enlightening and very enjoyable to read. ISBN 186163 2282
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