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Lost Cities and Sunken Lands, by Nigel Pennick

Lost Cities and Sunken Lands, by Nigel Pennick
by Nigel Pennick
"This engaging book...historical research is, as usual, meticulous and his writing explores great depths of fact, never leaving the reader hungry for more knowledge. I can fully recommend this should become a standard work in its field." Prediction
Draws on many sources, from legends to parish maps, old chronicles and surveys, gathering together the fragments of information on the remains of lands around the British coast which have been destroyed by the sea. The roll-call of these lost lands and the fate of once thriving coastal towns such as Dunwich and settlements such as Caer Arianrhod and the lost Lowland Hundred of Cantref y Gwaelod, challenges us to reconsider whether the lost land of Lyonesse, which once extended from Land?s End to the Scilly Isles, existed solely in Arthurian legend. The underwater forests of Wales, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Kent and Sussex, the lost Saxon cathedral off Selsey Bill - once a great parkland and Goodwin Sands - once good farmland, but now a notorious graveyard for shipping, are among the many lost lands of Britain described here. Liberally illustrated with diagrams, drawings and photographs. ISBN 01898307 83 0
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