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Living Tarot, By Ann Walker

Living Tarot, By Ann Walker
by Ann Walker
A simple guide to the Tarot, for both divination and discovery of the inner self requiring no previous knowledge. To get the best out of the Tarot, it is necessary to have both an intuitive understanding of the cards and a working knowledge of the basic understanding of their meanings. Ann passes on her knowledge and thoughts gained in over 20 years practical experience using and teaching the Tarot. She concentrates on practical information put forward in an easy to read, no nonsense style. The book includes a number of layouts for the Tarot, from simple layouts for the beginner to more complex spreads for the more experienced practitioner. Also included are details on astrological connections with the Tarot and the use of the cards as aids to meditation. The text is well illustrated, making it easy to follow and apply.
ISBN 1898307 27 X
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