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Let Your Children Go Back To Nature, by Alan Dyer and John Hodgson

Let Your Children Go Back To Nature, by Alan Dyer and John Hodgson
by Alan Dyer and John Hodgson
This ground-breaking book by two long-experienced educationalists challenges the current orthodoxies about the upbringing of younger children. It offers parents and teachers an attractive means to ameliorate the deadening demands of the National Curriculum. It is crammed with new and stimulating ideas, games and creative activities that have already delighted thousands of children of all abilities. The ideas and adventures in this book started as a two year experiment with 24 Devon children; the concept proved so popular that is grew to encompass many more activities and thousands of children across southern England. The aim is to provide not only enjoyment, but also 'real' education too with a great deal of 'required' information - strongly reinforced by direct experience, games and creative activities. Activities include story-telling, costumes, poetry, music and dances, drama, games for fun and enchantment, traditional country activities, and much more - an 'Enchanter's Brew' of ideas and activities with plenty of nourishment for young minds and bodies - for the children and you! ISBN 186163 1723
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