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Inner Celtia, by Alan Richardson and David Annwn

Inner Celtia, by Alan Richardson and David Annwn
by Alan Richardson and David Annwn “an extended guided visualisation...a deeper, gutsier, sexier and more rounded image of Celtic pre-history” Caer Abiri Newsletter “.... it seems to work, recommended” The Cauldron A guide to the realm of the Celts between the Bronze and Iron Ages and as it still exists today in buried levels of Western consciousness, enabling us to explore the strangest country of all... that which lies within. This visionary exploration of Celtia enables each person to awaken energies long since lost, or locked away. Inner Celtia shows how we can approach the goddess by means of two figures from the 4th Century B.C., who we can enlist as guides. These figures can help us make sense of lost and Celtic levels within the masculine and feminine consciousness and we can accept them as vehicles for spiritual guides that can link us with the Celtic Otherworld. ISBN 1898307 520
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