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In Search of the Green Man

In Search of the Green Man
There is no clear-cut answer to the search for the Green Man. Even medieval bestiaries where real and composite creatures were depicted and their symbolism known, have nothing similar existing for the Green Man. However, this book, the result of years spent on a quest for the Green Man, gives a tremendous amount of information and insight on this major symbol. From the many church carvings, to the Woodwose and Jack in the Green of folklore, this book brings facts and inspiration together. The different types of figure are investigated together with the various forms of foliage with their varying magical and medicinal uses. Green Men are found not only in England, but also in Europe and the Middle East; their roots and artistic development are traced, together with Green Women, green beasts, wild men, Woodwoses, the Horned God and supernatural hunters. Lost Green Men, connections with the Knights Templar, pub signs, the Green man in modern literature and a host of other information is included with many photographs. The book concludes with a list of recommended sites, concentrating on quality rather than quantity, from the hundreds visited by the author. ISBN 186163 2460
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