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In Search of Herne the Hunter, by Eric Fitch

In Search of Herne the Hunter, by Eric Fitch
'By far the best book which researches the existence of Herne the Hunter. Highly recommended' Touchwood
Commences with an introduction to Herne's story, the oak on which Herne hanged himself & its significance in history & mythology. Goes on to investigate antlers & their symbology in prehistoric religions, with a study of the horned god Cernunnos, the Wild Hunt & its associations with Woden, Herne & the Christian devil & a descriptive chapter on the tradition of dressing up as animals & the wearing & use of antlers in particular. Herne's suicide & its connection with Woden & prehistoric sacrifice is covered, together with the most complete collection of Herne's appearances, plus an investigation into the nature of his hauntings. Photographs, illustrations & diagrams enhance the text. The book also contains appendices covering the 19th century opera on the legend of Herne, Herne & his status in certain esoteric circles & Herne & Paganism/Wicca. ISBN 1898307 237
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