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In and Out the Windows, by Dilys Gater

In and Out the Windows, by Dilys Gater
by Dilys Gater "...of great interest..." Psychic News "...a glimpse into the mind and spirit of an exceptional woman" Elevated Book Store Dilys Gater is a practising psychic, medium and healer whose previous books about her work have been translated into several languages and appeared in the USA as well as the UK in various editions that are read world-wide. In and Out the Windows is her warm, informal account of how she became aware of her psychic vocation and how it changed her life. She touches on many of the topics and cases that make up the everyday life of a psychic: from Spirit Guides to 'channelled' communications and automatic writing, the nature of ghosts and how to deal with them, spiritual and psychic development and her own observations and philosophies of living as one who has 'a foot in many worlds'. Particularly interesting is her 'Animal Regression Casebook' where she gives details of her own regression to life as an animal and the results of regressions conducted with animals which indicate they might have lived previous lives as human beings. ISBN 186163 1855
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