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Hub of the Wheel - An Open Door Curriculum, by Skytoucher Neopaganism

Hub of the Wheel - An Open Door Curriculum, by Skytoucher Neopaganism
by Skytoucher Neopaganism represents the largest upsurge of magical awareness and ability in the known world. It is not a recreation of something old, but an entirely new development thinly disguised in old forms. The diverse beliefs and behaviours called Neopagan and indeed all religious and mystical thought, can be likened to a great wheel. On the rim of the wheel are specific god-forms, rituals and patterns of social organisation. At the hub is a body of understanding that moves all points on the rim, just as the axle of a wheel drives the wheel in its motion. Although this book provides much rim material in the form of numerous exercises, invocations and spells, in essence it is an attempt to present the hub material: the laws of magic, a symbolic model of the universe and an understanding of the process of initiation. The original Open Door is a small magical circle in Seattle, Washington, which the author built together with several friends and students beginning in 1993. Open Door means that the door of personal development is open. They see magical awareness and power as everyone?s birthright. Open Door means that the door to innovation is open and it sees its mission as one of opening the door of human evolution to bring about the change in human society that we desperately need. ISBN 186163 0263
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