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How to Meet Fairies, by Sheila Jeffries

How to Meet Fairies, by Sheila Jeffries
by Sheila Jeffries
Many people see fairies in their childhood, but the writer of this book has taught herself to see them again as an adult. She now has regular encounters with fairies at her home in a remote area of Cornwall, one of the last outposts of the fairy communities. Fairies are not as you might expect them to be. You see them in a special way and you talk to them in a special way. This book will show you how. The fairies have important messages for us, predictions of the future, warnings of global change, even personal advice about our health. The writer has experienced these revelations from the fairies, with dramatically accurate results. Sheila?s track record adds credibility to this sincere, honest and amazing book; seventeen years a teacher, a successful writer with twelve published books to her credit, a leader of workshops on healing and a visionary painter, she gives lectures and broadcasts. After many years of keeping quiet about her meetings with fairies, she is now prepared to stand and be counted, on behalf of the fairy kingdom. Her descriptions, in exquisite detail, of fairies, gnomes and piskies are a fascinating read:- eleven thousand fairies came to help plant a wood, and were seen by all the tree planters, a group of fairies hitched a lift one moonlit night on a friend?s car, how the Cornish Piskies marched out of the wood to supervise the creation of a herb sundial. Everyone who is curious about fairies should read this book. How do the fairies feel about human beings now? What have they to tell us? And why should we listen? Parts of this book have been channelled by the fairies themselves who say they welcome the opportunity to speak to you.
ISBN 186163 1499
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