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Holda - Queen of Ice and Fire by Jack Gale

Holda - Queen of Ice and Fire by Jack Gale
Holda, as a north European goddess of winter, sexual lore, animals and the Underworld has something to say to many people. In this book Jack Gale not only relates folkloric accounts of and references to Holda, but also draws on his own magical working experiences and those of his friends and colleagues.

Also covered in depth is an exploration of the inner energetic dynamics of the Hagal rune which has been conceptualised as representing the energy generated by the interaction of ice and fire reflected in the north west European creation myth. It includes a study of the rune's two and three dimensional aspects from a sacred geometrical viewpoint. The result is a truly experiential book for those wanting to work magically with Holda in the 21st century.

Pete Jennings, a leading expert on the Northern Tradition, has reviewed 'Holda' for Pagan Dawn:

Holda, Queen of Ice & Fire by Jack Gale. Capall Bann Publishing: 166pp. ISBN 1861633483 £10.95
I last saw Jack Gale a couple of years ago, and I remember chiding him to ‘get that blinking book out!’ After many years he finally has, and what a corker! We have had hints along the way via the occasional lecture or article, but this is the whole story so far.
Blending Heathenism and multi-dimensional Runes in with Chaos and Psychic Questing to give a real many layered feel to his extensive explorations, this work is likely to be referred to by many people in time to come. Local topography, the writings of Jacob Grimm, pathworking and communal magic making also feed into this very personal yet easily accessible study of an up until now lesser known Goddess. I enjoyed the stories of how Pagan artists, poets and musicians added to his long experience of getting to know Holda, and his suggested ways of working that never insist you have to do it a particular way. He gives full credit to the others who contributed along the way and brings out the connections with the Wild Hunt and Mother Goose admirably. Personally I think the jury is still out whether Jack Frost is her consort, but that is a matter of personal taste and opinion. This book was definitely worth waiting nearly twenty years for!
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£10.95 ex VAT

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