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Healing with Astrology, By Sue Lilly

Healing with Astrology, By Sue Lilly
This book is intended to act as a guide for a complete beginner, in both astrology and healing, and to act as food for thought for a more seasoned practitioner in both. Sue Lilly has developed a cunning way of combining kinesiology and astrology to give a very powerful, but simple, healing tool. Healers now have access to astrological charts through the many computer programs and chart services available and can use the practical advice in this book to take advantage of astrological information to augment their skills and knowledge. Sue is widely known for her skilled writing on tree essences, healing and astrology. This book is yet another example of her excellent work, once again broadening and enhancing healing skills in beginners and those already practising alike.
ISBN 186163 184 7
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