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Healing the Heart of Addiction, by James Postlethwaite

Healing the Heart of Addiction, by James Postlethwaite
The worst thing about addiction is that it gets the better of you. You can know you have a problem, you try to stop, but some other part of you fights back and the problem is right there again. There are the obvious major addictions, like alchohol, cigarettes, or heroin, but there are many more subtle ones like television, chocolate, work, even your partner or parents. They all share this feature of getting a grip on you - they stop you from being truly free. This book deals with two things:- 1. Dismantling the addiction and 2. Channelling the power which is released by doing this. Rather than escape the tensions that build up and lead to the return of the craving for the addiction, the exercises in this book get you to examine those tensions and work with them, at the same time showing techniques for better relaxation and fuller expression of your abilities and real potential. This results in a far better base-line of happiness and fulfilment, but without the dramatic swings in mood or energy which come from addiction.
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