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Healing Journeys, by Paul Williamson

Healing Journeys, by Paul Williamson
Paul Williamson is a Past Life Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Healer. Here, he tells about his own unfolding spiritual path and what he has discovered about past lives, healing the inner child, channelling, spiritual healing and earth healing. Using numerous case studies, Paul shares his approaches to therapy and methods of healing that have helped people from their inner experiences to find peace and well-being. Within these stories, Paul charts some fascinating possibilities about the nature of our inner reality. From this, Paul affirms the relevance and importance of honouring the inner spiritual dimension of our being, so that if we can find peace within, then this could help us find greater meaning in our external lives, and help us to create a happier, healthier society too. Told simply and from the heart, this book shares many touching human and spiritual experiences that will interest seekers everywhere. These experiences can be truly called ?Healing Journeys?. ISBN 186163 100 6
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