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Healing Homes, by Jennifer Dent

Healing Homes, by Jennifer Dent
by Jennifer Dent
A book to inspire home-makers everywhere demonstrating the practical implementation of all the many aspects that go into the creation of a truly healing home which should not just look good, but also nurture our inner needs. It introduces the ways in which Healing, Earth energies, Cycles, Symbols, Shape, Light, Colour, Sound, Feng Shui, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Fragrance, Plants, Flowers, Crystals, Flower remedies, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbs and Gardens, Music and the Cycles of Nature can be blended. A home filled with love, beauty and a healing ambience, sets the scene for you to lead a healthy and fulfiling life. A practical book which allows the reader to make empowered choices, leading to the creation of a personally healing home.
ISBN 1898307 466
Telephone Orders: 01823401528
£9.95 ex VAT

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