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Hamsters in Sickness and in Health, By Sheila Adby and Dan O Neill

Hamsters in Sickness and in Health, By Sheila Adby and Dan O Neill
“This exciting new book is a joy to read. It is refreshing to find a book that goes into such depth on hamster health matters. I believe the information in this book will be of great value to both the novice hamster owner and the experienced breeder. This book has been written with care and compassion for these wonderful creatures.” Wendy Barry, Secretary of the British Hamster Association As a hamster owner, there are a number of things you can do to help your pet and ensure it has a good life. This involves giving it the right type of housing, bedding, food and attention. In addition, it is important to know when you need to take it to the vet or when you can treat it at home. This book gives an overview of what is involved in keeping a hamster whether you are a very beginner who is just discovering how much fun they are or someone who has kept them for many years. It also offers advice on first aid treatments and alternative remedies that can play an important part in your hamster’s life. All the information in this book is based on personal experience of keeping and treating hamsters. As a qualified acupuncturist, Sheila Adby has a particular interest in alternative medicine and looking at more natural ways of treating animals. Dan O Neill qualified in 1987 with a first class honours veterinary degree from Dublin Veterinary College and in 1991 with a first class honours pharmacology degree from University College Dublin. After spells of university lecturing, corporate consultancy and large animal practice, he has run his own small animal and exotics veterinary practice since 1996. ISBN 186163 2185
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