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Green Living, Sacred Living, by Susan M. Phillips and Tye Jamie Coxston

Green Living, Sacred Living, by Susan M. Phillips and Tye Jamie Coxston
Save the world: "why me?" Why you? Why bother? We believe in giving honest reasons for our suggestions, this book is not dictatorship, not what you should and must do; it is simply what we the authors suggest and the whys and implications of such actions, interesting facts and great ideas and recipes. Come with us on a voyage! Learn how to give so much back in the easiest of ways, learn to reuse and reduce before recycling. Have fun making things, take on great ideas for yourself, and find easy ways to persuade family and friends, maybe make this a family or community commitment. We have designed this book to be opened at random. You can read a bit and it will make sense or try a recipe in the middle and it will taste the same. It is not a novel you have to read page by page, nor a book with lessons; you read what you want when you want. This book is all living in harmony with the Earth, both spiritually and physically. Looking at the bigger picture - the spiritual side, you need not be of any religion, and it does not matter if you are atheist or agnostic, you will find suggestions on developing your spirituality in ways that harm no one and nothing. Have fun, saving the world. Increasing your awareness and spirituality, to make your living green and spirituality sacred, is not necessarily difficult; it can be fun and involve as many people as you want.
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