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From Past to Future Life, by Roger Webber

From Past to Future Life, by Roger Webber
by Roger Webber

"A mind-expanding and intellectually stimulating read" The Cauldron
"...fascinating...this new detailed study is recommended reading" Prediction
There is something that drives us to seek explanations, to find out why we are here and what will happen to us. We want to know the meaning of life, what it is and what will happen to us when we die? From time immemorial man has sought to answer these questions, but the explanations have generally been without a theoretical base that can be tested. Science requires theories that can be disproved and supplanted by better explanations. This book is an attempt to investigate these questions in a scientific manner, prompted by the author?s travels throughout the world investigating similarities in characteristics of cultures in different parts of the world. Are these similarities pure chance? Can cultures in different parts of the world come up with the same idea? Or is it possible that there is a mechanism for transferring ideas from one to another? Using broad bases of research including examples from the animal kingdom, identical twin similarity research and the spontaneous discovery of new inventions, the author presents his fascinating discoveries in a readable and thought-inspiring manner. ISBN 186163 051 4
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