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Forest Paths - A Manual of Modern Tree Divination

Forest Paths - A Manual of Modern Tree Divination
In this turbulent modern world, it benefits us all to re-establish the links with nature and our inner senses, an excellent place to start is to re-connect with those long-lived giants of nature; the trees. Trees are the oldest and largest beings on the planet and have much to teach us. This book presents a system to encourage the rediscovery of natural knowing, using not only native British trees but also some more recent introductions which add so much to our modern landscape. The book includes information on trees; myths, symbolism, divination and identification; methods of using divination to unlock the unconscious, ways of building your own connections with trees as their voices become clearer. It also includes an inspiring set of cards, superbly illustrated by Simon Rouse, which are also available separately.
ISBN 186163 0751
Telephone Orders: 01823401528
£10.95 ex VAT

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