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Flower Wisdom, by Katherine Kear

Flower Wisdom, by Katherine Kear
by Katherine Kear
From the poppies of Flanders - symbols of sleep and oblivion - to the purity of the lily and the faery associations of the daisy, flowers have always been surrounded by myths, magic and mystery. This illustrated guide explores the physical and symbolic properties of the best known and loved flowers of the Western hemisphere, including the bluebell, lily, anemone, poppy, daffodil, iris, rose, and many others. Each flower is described in terms of its botanical properties, its origins, the folk-lore and history that surrounds it, and how it is used for health and well-being. All plants are inextricably linked to the science, culture, religion and economics of the world. Some are used to heal, others become symbols for worship, others a trading commodity or status symbol, Flowers can indicate political allegiance, romantic passion, sympathy and social class. They are universal symbols of ephemerability and purity, and of the natural cycles of birth, death and regeneration. Packed with a wealth of information, this is a unique guide to the myth, magic and wisdom of flowers. ISBN 186163 237 1
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