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Fairy Lore, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason

Fairy Lore, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason
by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason
?Worth buying just for the beautiful fairy picture on the front....A delightful book.? Fairy Tales
?straightforward....popular guide .....Recommended.? The Cauldron
There are legends of fairies all over the world, mysterious creatures who live apart from the race of mankind, but who are sometimes seen in wild and lonely places. In Part One the authors explore the world of the fairies - what they look like; the fairy realms such as Hy-Breasail, Lochlann, Ynis Gwyddrin and Emani Ablch; fairy food, protection against fairies and their ills; fairy plants and animals, fairy days and festivals, visits to fairyland, fairy loves and their links with magic. Part Two investigates what fairies are - fallen angels, a separate race, ancestor cult, nature spirits, old gods, UFOs, hallucinations, shamanic experience etc. A beautiful book to own and a real must for anyone with even a passing interest in fairies. Beautifully and extensively illustrated with a blend of traditional pictures and original artwork by Paul Mason.
ISBN 186163 1073
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£10.95 ex VAT

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