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Faery Beasts and Animals of Legend, by Michael Howard

Faery Beasts and Animals of Legend, by Michael Howard
by Michael Howard
A magical mystery tour of the mythical beasts of faery and the otherworlds. from dragons, unicorns and faery steeds to mythical birds, sea monsters, Green Men, Woodwoses, seal people and tree spirits. Our ancient ancestors believed in a plethora of mythical beasts. Many people over the centuries have claimed to have seen dragons, unicorns, mermaids and faery animals of all kinds. There are several historical accounts of encounters with dragons and even tales of unicorns being exhibited at royal courts. The last dragon described in the book was said to have been killed in West Wales as late as the 18th century. Even today in our technological world, we like to believe that there are still unknown, undiscovered animals roaming out there. Who knows? Perhaps our ancestors were right and we really do share the Earth with weird beasts we can only imagine in our wildest dreams or our worst nightmares.
ISBN 186163 2061
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