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Eternally - Yours Faithfully, By Roy Radford and Evelyn Gregory

Eternally - Yours Faithfully, By Roy Radford and Evelyn Gregory
by Roy Radford and Evelyn Gregory
"...sure to be a comfort to all those who have ever lost a much-loved pet...sensitively written, this book will appeal to all animal lovers and provide consolation to those bereaved by the death of a pet." Your Cat Magazine
Based upon the personal experiences of many people from the UK and around the world, the authors consider many thought provoking issues concerning pets within these pages: Are our dearest pets angels in disguise? Encounters across the Rainbow Bridge - the personal experiences of people who no longer doubt that their past beloved pets return to them and that their present pets receive the approval, or even the guidance, of some among the dearly loved who have passed over; Trust and Loyalty know no barriers - physical or spiritual; Can a human find a kindred spirit in a pet?; are we chosen by the pet - are their needs more important to us than we imagine? A fascinating, thought-provoking and meaningful book for anyone who has ever loved a pet. Lovely illustrations by Lin Bourne. ISBN 186163 1049
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