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Egyptian Animals - Guardians and Gateways of the Gods, By Akkadia Ford

Egyptian Animals - Guardians and Gateways of the Gods, By Akkadia Ford
A source book of lore exploring the world of the Egyptian tradition from the perspective of the sacred animals, with an emphasis on the relevance of Egyptian mysteries in the daily lives of Twenty-First Century practitioners. A wealth of lore is offered, including Temple traditions, historical references and applications of the powers of each animal - offering a direct means to access the power of each animal in ritual and daily life. A unique feature of this book is that it introduces readers to the ancient Temple technique of seeking oracles from sacred animals. The book is written with both the experienced practitioner and newcomer in mind, no prerequisite knowledge is required to utilise this volume as it provides detailed lore. The gods and goddesses walk amongst us, clad in skin, feathers, fur and claw, hoofed and horned, wild or domestic of form - ever a source of unending wonder, inspiration and direct communion with the Ancient Ones. This book will be of interest not only to those drawn to the Egyptian mysteries, but also followers of other Pagan and esoteric paths linking to animal forms. ISBN 186163 2444
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