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Earth Dance A Year of Pagan Rituals

Earth Dance A Year of Pagan Rituals
?excellent...I have heard nothing but unsolicited praise.? Pagan Dawn
?excellent recipes...this wonderful book...simple and easy to read and digest. Wish it was around when I first started out!? Time Between Times
Unlike many other books based on the yearly cycle of modern Wicca, Jan has based her rituals on British deities and British customs. Many modern pagans work and worship alone or in couples. This book includes rituals for solitary workers and couples in addition to groups, thus avoiding the annoying question of how to enact a five part ritual drama when there is only one person present! Also included is a wide selection of seasonal recipes, some traditional such as ?lambs wool?, while others like the ghoulish ?Eyeball Jelly?, for Samhain (Hallowe?en) are just for fun! ISBN 1898307 350
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