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Welcome to the Capall Bann Publishing web site!

We would like to thank all those of you who have shown us sympathy and understanding since the death of Jon Day.

The company is currently being reorganised and being upgraded and updated.

We apologise for any delays that this may cause.

Any queries about orders, please contact our new despatch center at email address:

Telephone: 01183 278071

Welcome to our web site. Capall Bann, formed in 1993 by Julia and Jon Day, is run from our smallholding in Somerset. We have many years experience in the topics we publish and our beliefs, lifestyle and links to the land all enhance our choices of titles, leading to us currently having over 300 titles covering an eclectic mix of topics. 

Titles can be searched by keyword or author name, many of them are listed in several categories, as quite a few of our books apply to more than one topic. For customers abroad the site now calculates postage automatically to make it easier and quicker.

Our latest new titles now available are: 'Holda Queen of Ice and Fire' by Jack Gale, 'Walking the Faery Path' by Michella Lunare, 'Angelic Candle Magic' by Michael Howard and 'The Good People The Faery Folke' by Ralph Harvey, 

Topics includie folklore, animals, animal lore and communications, trees, crystals, magic, angels, herbs, fairies, healing, Wicca, traditional witchcraft, Druidry, Shamanism, psychic development, Cottage Witchcraft, psychic protection, fallen angels, Mary Magdalene, Gnostic gospels, Robert Cochrane, Tubal Cain and much more. Authors include Chris Thomas, Diane Baker, Michael Howard, Nigel Pennick, Nigel Jackson, Stuart and Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, Val Thomas, Gordon MacLellan, Runic John, Jan McDonald, Anna Franklin, Sue Philips, Teresa Moorey, Rhiannon Ryall and Simon and Sue Lilly,

See the News page for the latest additions and new releases and do take a look at the Magazine page too!

        Payment can be made by Paypal, credit/debit card or send a cheque by post.