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Dances of the Soul, by Hilary Matthews

Dances of the Soul, by Hilary Matthews
This book is written by a dancer about the dances of life. It is written by a nature woman, teacher, poet, potter, shepherdess, wild woman. This is a tale of both joy and grief, joy in the splendours of nature and grief at the general lack of awareness and respect shown for the beautiful world we live in. This is the author?s story of her journey to find herself, to understand the meaning of life and her purpose in it all; about her reconnection with Nature and her emergence as a human being and her quest to live her life with grace. A beautiful, inspirational book telling the author?s quest through life to her rebuilding of an old croft house and her life so close to nature - a book to inspire and encourage us all to dance to our own beat. ISBN 186163 1650
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