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Crystal Doorways, By Sue & Simon Lilly

Crystal Doorways, By Sue & Simon Lilly
Crystal Doorways focuses on a very particular system of using crystals and colour to bring about changes in your consciousness and an increasing understanding of the energy world around us. The idea of using crystals placed on and around the body has been known for a long time, but most layouts required a vast number of large and expensive crystals or an honours degree in geometry to work them out. Developed as a result of running many courses, ?Crystal Doorways? gives a clear, immediately understandable, system of ?energy nets? using small, easily obtainable crystals. These energy nets are simple, usually only requiring small tumbled stones, but they can be extremely powerful. Each net is illustrated and described in full, with what stones to use, where to place them, potential uses and background information. ISBN 1898307 98 9
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