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Crone Moon - Reaching Out to the Wise One Within by Jan McDonald

Crone Moon - Reaching Out to the Wise One Within by Jan McDonald
Safely through the excitement and youth of the Maiden, and the nurturing and creating of the Mother, we arrive breathless, and just a little worse for wear, with the Crone. A time in our lives that can be daunting and just a little scary. If we choose it to be, that is. The lines are deeper and the hair is grayer, silver even, if we're lucky, and the memory isn't what is used to be and just where did those aches come from? But it's also a time when our inherent wisdom kicks in, freed from the constraints and demands of oestrogen and the stresses of bringing up children. It's a time when we can be as outrageous as we wish, no-one is going to tell us we can't or shouldn't, and even if they do, we don't have to listen. The menopause can be a pain in the butt, but it can also be a magical tool to see us through the transition from Mother to Crone if we approach it positively and embrace its own magic. The second part of Crone Moon is entitled 'Herbal MAgic and Remedies from Granny's Kitchen, with hints and tips on how to deal with the dreaded Hot Flushes and all things menopasual. Arriving at the Crone doesn't mean it;s over girls. It's a time of joy and a sense of accomplishment as we look at our mature growing families, we did that! It's a time to sit back a bit and put up our fett with a cup of our favourite brew anc connect with the Crone Goddesses, Hecate, Kali, The Cailleach and Cerridwen. We are the keepers of the occult knowledge and wisdom and need to prepare ourselves to pass on this knowledge in a time immemorial way, by teaching the younger ones and being there to advise and listen. Granny rules OK!
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