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Cottage Witchcraft, by Jan McDonald

Cottage Witchcraft, by Jan McDonald
This book is in direct response to many requests over the past few years for a book that cuts away all the excess fat from the bones of witchcraft. ‘Give us something that is simple, something we can do even when we’re tired, the kids are crying, the dog’s muddy paw prints are all over the floor and the mother-in-law is coming round for tea. We want something that’s meaningful and special without the added extras. We don’t have the time or the energy for tramping around fields looking for special herbs or the money for great lists of equipment and rare herbs from occult suppliers.’ That is precisely what Cottage Witchcraft is all about. A simple approach to the Old Goddesses and Gods and making magic from everyday objects and what is available in everyday living without the need for ceremonial tools and equipment or robes. Whilst many of today’s witches opt to practice their craft amongst likeminded folk in a coven situation, a growing number prefer the way of the solitary witch. This book is intended purely as a signpost to those embarking on this path and will hopefully simplify the business of magic and show that when all is said and done, none of us is truly alone. Let’s stir the bubbling cauldron and set free the magic in you. ISBN 186163 2320
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