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Consciousness, Ego, Person and Self, by Dr George Young

Consciousness, Ego, Person and Self, by Dr George Young
by Dr George Young, lecturer at The University of Leicester. This book explores, in the first instance, the nature of human consciousness as this concept has emerged in western culture. On the basis of an analysis of the characteristic features of this consciousness the author concludes that what we refer to as a protypically human consciousness has evvolved as an offshoot of human discourse, particularly the spoken word. Deeply interwoven with this linguistic consciousness are, the author suggests, our notions of the ‘I’ and the ‘Me’, of the person and selfhood. Arising themselves out of a linguistic consciousness these notions, so essential to our identity, are, the author argues, narrative creations. So the final conclusion the author comes to at the end of the book is that not only consciousness , not only our sense of what ‘reality’ is, but also our own identities as selves are products of human discourse. This is a novel thesis well grounded in previous empirical research and conceptual analysis. It makes a significant theoretical contribution to work in this field. ISBN 186163 2401
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