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Come Shining Through, by Dilys Gater

Come Shining Through, by Dilys Gater
by Dilys Gater
Dilys Gater writes in the introduction to this book: 'In my work as a psychic I find that most of the difficulties people bring to me, their problems and pain, arise from the fact that either they never seem to get anywhere or else they seem to have arrived at somewhere where they do not want to be.' With wisdom and compassion spiced by humour, Dilys explores the ways in which life can take us along paths we do not recognise, giving illustrations from cases she has dealt with as well as her own personal experience. She wrote this book in response to requests for 'something that will contain joy, hope, comfort, upliftment and empowerment for all those who feel bereaved, deprived, lost, lonely and afraid' - or just to help with the feeling that life can be hard sometimes and does not seem to make sense. ISBN 186163 1790
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